A 20-year-old man was declared deceased after he was spotted lying next to the railway line with his feet on the tracks, causing the train to sever his foot, on Sunday morning.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Captain Louise Naidoo, said, “It is alleged by
the train operator that at about 5:30am she was operating a train to KwaDukuza from KwaMashu when the tragedy occurred. The train operator alleged that she approached the bridge at Mount Edgecombe Station when she saw the body of a man lying next to the railway line with both feet on the railway line.

“She could not stop the train and the train went over the man’s feet. She stopped the train and summoned the security guards, KwaMashu Railway police and the paramedics.”

Naidoo said that the victim was still alive. “The paramedics tried to help but the victim
then passed on. The deceased had injuries on the head, a broken right arm, and his right
foot was completely removed from the body whilst the left foot was run over by the train.
In the deceased’s pocket, his identity book was found.” Phoenix police are investigating an inquest.