Ward 49 Councillor Tino Pillay has raised concerns regarding the lack of service delivery in respect of non-maintainance of parks, verges and open spaces in Phoenix.

This comes after he was made aware that the contract between sub-contractors and the municipality has ended. “I can confirm that the sub-contractors who were efficiently working to ensure that our community is kept presentable at all times are now out of contract with eThekwini Municipality and have no signs of renewal or consultation in place. “Yet again, the residents of eThekwini are made to suffer while the ruling party plays politics. Election mode is in full force and we as the community of Phoenix are always the recipients of poor service delivery from the various departments. We pay our taxes and expect basic services such as grass cutting to be mandatory,” said Cllr Pillay.

EThekwini said in a statement, “The Parks Department with Supply Chain Management and Business Support appoints co-ops to undertake grass cutting of verges and open spaces in the eThekwini wide. Unfortunately, the contract ended on 31 March and has not been extended or renewed. Management is working hard to find a solution to this matter but unfortunately we do not have timelines.

We are hopeful that this matter would be resolved soon.”

Pillay said that members of the community should not be begging and pleading the Parks Department for what their core function is, and that is to cut and maintain open spaces, playlots and sports fields in Phoenix. “Campaigning to keep certain wards clean is evident while the opposition party councillors get sub-standard services. The brunt of the people’s anger is clearly felt by the ward councillors in their respective wards,” he added.

Ward 50 councillor, Lyndal Singh said a motion put forward by the Democratic Alliance, requesting for more resources and tree pruning teams to be allocated within the Parks Department to service areas in eThekwini, was previously rejected at a full council meeting. Singh said that the on-going saga of poor service delivery was declining rapidly.

“The shortage of resources within the Parks department is a poor reflection of how this city is operated. The Parks Department above all else need to have enough staff and be well equipped to ensure that our city is kept at its best. This city leadership forgets about those further away from tourists attractions. Have they failed to realise that ratepayers live across the city and they too have the right to live in an environment that is clean, neat and tidy.”

She said the common denominator in this, is poor leadership. “We cannot be run by a city that dictates, they need to lead and set an example but this appears to be a dead end with the current city’s leadership as priorities are not given to residents of this city. If money can be spent on elaborate events, functions and concerts, then funds can be made available to spruce up the Parks Department, hire more staff and resources. Make eThekwini the city that it’s meant it be.”