A Shastri Park family wants justice for their husband and dad after an alleged dispute over a borrowed ‘Uzzi’ jacket led to the gutting of 45-year-old Cliffy Pillay, by a known suspect, a day before Father’s Day, leaving him seriously injured and riddled with pain.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, Pillay who had to undergo emergency surgery after almost bleeding out on the side of the road as he watched his intestines hang out, says he is calling for the court to mete out the harshest punishment to his assailant who has since been arrested and charged for Assault GBH. It is alleged that the accused has been released on R1, 500 bail after appearing in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

Provincial police spokesperson, Captain Nqobile Gwala, said, “On 15 June 2019 at 1pm, a male was found lying on Rangepark road in Sastri Park with a stab wound. He was taken to hospital for medical attention. A case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm was opened at Phoenix police station for investigation. Police arrested a 26-year-old suspect and he appeared in the Verulam Magistrates Court on 26 June 2019.” Pillay said he went to retrieve his jacket which he had lent to an acquaintance some time ago and was accompanied by his eight-year-old grandson on foot. According to him, he spoke to the man who borrowed the jacket and they had exchanged words because the man failed to return the jacket again.

On his departure, Pillay’s assailant confronted him and an argument ensued allegedly regarding the borrowed jacket. “My attacker pulled out a knife on me and he flicked it three times because it would not open. He stabbed me, pulling the knife downwards. I felt numb and did not know what was going on. I felt warm blood running down my legs and then only did I see that my intestines were hanging out of my body. I was shocked because I had done nothing to him and between us we had no problems,” said Pillay.
Pillay’s little grandson who saw him oozing blood raced to inform his grandmother of what transpired. The little boy has since been left traumatised and his mom is seeking counselling for him as he is haunted by the brutality and gruesomeness of his grandfather’s stabbing.

Members of the community tried to assist Pillay, and then called KZN VIP, who responded swiftly and transported him to Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital, where doctors failed to assist him because of the severity of his injuries. Pillay was then transported to Addington Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery and is currently recovering. Pillay’s wife, Cookie, (40) said, “The news that my husband was stabbed was devastating. When we saw the injury, we were certain that he would not make it. It breaks my heart to see my husband constantly in pain, unable to eat and living on painkillers. We have to take him back to the hospital because his wound is not healing well. I am so afraid of what the future holds for us as my husband is unable to work.” Cookie added, “I want justice to be served. As my husband lies in bed suffering with pain, his attacker is out on bail. Where is the justice in that?”

Pillay’s daughter, Shanice, (24) said, “This horrible incident has shattered our family. My dad is wounded and riddled with pain. My little son has nightmares about seeing his granddad bleeding in that way. He is haunted by the incident and we are working on getting a counsellor to help him process what transpired. Ultimately, we want the perpetrator behind bars. People do not behave in this barbaric manner in a civilized society and the offender must be punished for his brutal actions.”