Grandad’s quick reflexes saves ‘miracle baby’


A grandfather’s quick reflexes saved the life of his granddaughter before she hit the floor after her umbilical cord snapped.

The Belvedere grandfather Rishi Jaggernath caught the baby barely inches away from the floor after his daughter gave birth last Tuesday (5 September) while standing.

Both mother and daughter are healthy and back home with the baby weighing 2.1kg.

Anya Shanaya Singh’s birth is labelled as “miraculous’ by her grandmother Nisha. She told the Tongaat and Verulam Tabloid that her daughter Elisha Singh complained of pains and little did she know that her baby was on the way.

“She was having contractions and when we were trying to get her to the Tongaat Community Health Care Centre. The baby came while we were still at home, we were too late,” said Nisha.

According to Nisha, her 22-year-old daughter was due to give birth two weeks ago but the baby was underweight. “It happened so fast that she did not even lie down because of the pain. She couldn’t walk instead she just stood there in excruciating pain,” she said.

Nisha said they were lucky that her husband managed to catch the baby before it hit the ground. Neighbours who gathered at the house rushed the baby to the clinic while she and her family stayed behind to help her daughter get to the car.

They took her to the clinic where she was treated and they were both discharged the next day.

Proud grandma Nisha Jaggernath with her daughter Elisha Singh and little Anya

Elisha said even though she was in so much pain, all she could think about was her little girl. “I have never been so scared in my entire life. I thought she would not survive the way it all happened. I am grateful to my family for being there in my time of need,” she said.

Nisha added: “We call her our miracle baby because she survived. We are so thankful to the family and amazing neighbours who came to our aid, and rushed the baby to the clinic, and the nursing staff that helped our daughter and grandchild.”