A weary 73-year-old Phoenix grandmother was duped into accepting a lift and suffered a traumatic ordeal as she returned home from prayer when she was robbed by two male occupants in the vehicle on Friday.

KZN VIP spokesman, Romano Naidoo, said, “The grandmother was walking home from a temple in Sunford when she was approached by two males in a vehicle. One of the males convinced the grandmother that he was her relative and offered her a lift home. When the grandmother was seated in the vehicle, one of the males then tried to yank the gold bangles (kangans) from her wrists. The men managed to remove one bangle whilst the second bangle proved difficult to release. The two men then dropped the elderly victim off at a nearby garage. A compassionate family found the gran disoriented and dropped her off at her house.

“The gran sustained bruising to her left wrist where the bangle was forced off. She was severely traumatised from the ordeal. KZN VIP Medics and Security dashed to the victim’s residence and provided medical treatment and assistance. We urge community members to please safeguard their elderly family members by ensuring their safety when they leave the residence. It will be advisable to escort them to and fro so as to ensure their safety.

“Thankfully, the elderly victim was not severely injured but sadly, she should not have had to endure this kind of trauma. The public is urged to
warn elderly family members to refrain from accepting lifts from strangers as it could lead to them being robbed or harmed,” Naidoo said.