Captain Dosi John Lamech may have passed on prematurely 30 years ago but he managed to touch many lives through his work as a police officer.

Lamech was the second in command at the South African Police Service (SAPS) Academy for Indian policemen and women. He was also an instructor in drill and musketry after joining the force in 1963. According to Logan Govender, spokesperson for the retired officers, Lamech was a perfectionist and disciplinarian, a humble soul that members looked up to as a mentor and father figure.

Captain Dosi John Lamech

“He was immaculate, eloquent in speech, meticulous in his dressing, gentlemanly in dealing with others including subordinates. The captain had an eye for detail and could spot an infringement on the parade ground from far away,” Govender said.

He said, Lamech was usually the aide de camp (senior officer accompanying and escorting the officiating dignitary/guest of honour to inspect the parade), he also planned and choreographed all parades.

When the SAPS Academy was relocated to their new premises in Chatsworth in 1992 after his death, the mess hall was named after him as the “Captain DJ Lamech’’ Mess Hall. A committed Christian, Captain Lamech was an elder in the Shekinah Church in Unit 7 Chatsworth. He was also the founder of the Elisha’s Fountain Secondary School.

During 1986 / 87 / 88 Captain Lamech landed the prestige of being nominated the Parade Commander of the Military Tatoo, which was reserved entirely for white commissioned officers only, that was usually held annually in Durban.

He was also interviewed on national television on a Sunday morning at a church service which was normally reserved for a certain population group in those years.

“He was tipped to become a general one day and serve on the general staff, however his premature death put paid to that,” said Govender.

According to Govender, Captain Lamech meritoriously served the South African Police and community for 26 years. He received many service medals, decorations, commendations and awards.

“On the night he collapsed on the dance floor, his dear wife, Pam found the following scripture written in his own handwriting inside his pocket ‘Phil 1: 21 KJV For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.’

Captain Lamech may have passed on prematurely but he managed to touch many lives.”