Kumi Naidoo received the ‘Revolution Award’ on Saturday, 11 August, at the Nelson Mandela Community Youth Centre in Chatsworth, from Keashin Govender, a member of the Revolution Motorcycle club.

A Chatsworth human rights activist, Kumi Naidoo‚ was presented with the ‘Revolution Award’ for being an exceptional global leader, for his contribution to the struggle against apartheid, the international fight against climate change and the struggle against poverty and injustice world-over.

The award was given by Revolution Motorcycle Club, at an event on Saturday, 11 August, at the Nelson Mandela Community Youth Centre in Chatsworth. Naidoo is also an accomplished biker and a member of Revolution Motorcycle Club. Outspoken Naidoo delivered a speech to hundreds of people who attended, many of them being close friends of his from the days of the struggle. Naidoo entertained people with anecdotes of his activism years in Chatsworth, and of his time working with organisations and activists from all over the world.
The former global head of Greenpeace, the international environmental organisation and now the head of the world’s biggest human rights organisation, didn’t pull back any punches when he attacked the current level of corruption the country. “I take up my position as the head of Amnesty International on Wednesday. I feel a bit nervous at the enormous task ahead of me but I believe Amnesty has an amazing track record of fighting human rights abuses all over the world.

“My heart is still in South Africa and I feel troubled at the level of corruption in the country. We are in a moment in history in our country where we now have to say to our leaders what we are asking of you is much less than what we asked of others who gave their blood and lives. We are simply saying to our leaders, don’t be corrupt but to act in the interests of ordinary people. I urge South African leaders to end corruption.”
Naidoo will take on the important role of the global head of Amnesty International, an organisation with a global presence, including offices in more than 70 countries, 2600 staff and seven million members, volunteers and supporters worldwide. The event put together by Revolution Motorcycle Club was very successful with live music, a big digital screen showing videos of Naidoo’s protest around the world and supper.