A marauding gang of armed robbers infiltrated the Brackenwood Place sector in Woodview, hit three houses within minutes and left families traumatised before fleeing with an exorbitant amount of loot, including jewellery and two luxury vehicles on Thursday night.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt L Naidoo, said an eyewitness alleged that about six to eight men came to the area with a Polo Vivo and a VW Tiguan. “He watched them jump over the walls of the properties and did not speak but communicated with each other by whistling. They went from house to house and committed these crimes and before the police could arrive, they had left the area. Both vehicles were later recovered in the Inanda area, abandoned. No arrests have been made. Police are investigating cases of House Robbery and Carjacking,” said Cpt Naidoo.

According to Cpt Naidoo, the first house was hit at about 7pm. “The complainant alleges that he was in his lounge at his Brackenwood Place premises when an unknown man entered the house. He was armed with a firearm which he pointed at the complainant and instructed him to keep quiet. The complainant’s parents then walked into the lounge and the suspect instructed them to sit on the sofa. The suspect took a cellphone from the coffee table and also grabbed the cellphone from the complainants’ hand.

“The suspect took three rings from the complainant’s father. While this was happening, two other suspects entered the house and grabbed the complainant’s mother. They took her to the rooms where they helped themselves to a laptop, television and jewellery, all to the value of R100, 000,” said Cpt Naidoo.

A couple houses away, a second robbery unfolded. “The complainant was with his wife in the lounge with the door open but the gate locked. The complainant alleges that he was confronted by an unknown man who pointed a firearm at him and asked for a safe. After a few minutes, the suspect was joined by three or four more suspects who instructed the complainant and his wife to go to the bedroom where they had to lie on the floor.

“The suspects began searching the bedroom and found a bag under the bed which contained the complainant’s wallet, bank cards, cash and a CZ75 pistol. They also took the complainant’s wife’s marriage chain (Thali) and earrings. As they were leaving, they took the complainant’s television, cellphones, jewellery and car keysand drove off with his grey Mercedes Benz C200 all to the value of R355, 000,” Cpt Naidoo said.

The complainant from the third house hit on Brackenwood Place had just parked his wife’s vehicle in the yard and had gone out to
fetch his vehicle which was still on the road when he spotted the suspects exiting from the residence they had just robbed. By Krishnee Naidoo

Cpt Naidoo said, “As he was about to start the vehicle, he noticed four men coming out of the nearby house. The said suspects approached the complainants’ vehicle and were armed. They demanded the vehicle while one of the suspects took the complainant’s watch. The complainant jumped out of the vehicle while the suspects jumped in and drove off with the vehicle, a white Mercedes Benz A250 Sport.”

Operations Director at KZN VIP Security and Medical, Glen Naidoo, said, “Three houses were robbed in under five minutes. The armed
gang left residents severely traumatized and still reeling from the shock of the nightmarish incidents. Woodview CPF members joined police and KZN VIP on scene minutes after the crime rampage. Residents are urged to take the necessary security measures to ensure their safety and that of their family. Remain vigilant at all times and report suspicious activity or the presence of suspicious personnel in unknown vehicles immediately to the relevant authorities. In this way we can react swiftly. Communication and vigilance is vital to clamp down on these criminals.”