According to the Automobile Association, the poor will be the most affected by the increase in the fuel levy. Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni announced at the 2019 Budget Speech in Parliament on Wednesday, 20 February that fuel levies will increase by 29 and 30 cents a litre for petrol and diesel respectively

The AA’s Layton Beard says, while they’re happy the increases remain below inflation – they will have a deep impact on the cost of living in the months ahead.
Motorist are starting show concern as this is the second hike for the year. “I am glad that the increase is still at a low amount, however this is the second increase in a row. We had hoped that we will receive further decreases,” said Johnny Govindsamy

Kelvin Reddy said, “The increase is not a surprise to many of us. It may not seem like a big amount but it will gradually show.”

“It’s specifically onerous on the poor who unfortunately will have to pay for these taxes as well as any passed on taxes from retailers and manufacturers who also have to pay these taxes. It’s a ‘double wammy’ and a very strong consumers, will have to carry,” said Beard.