Free community outreach programme


The Association of Muslim Accountants and Lawyers (AMAL) which comprises of leading experts from the accounting, tax and legal professions, will be offering free tax, accounting and legal advice to the community of Phoenix on Saturday, 12 October at the Phoenix Plaza, from 9am to 1pm.

The free community outreach is open to all members of the public regardless of race, colour, religion or creed, and especially to those who are in need but cannot afford a professional consultation.

The sessions covers day-to-day issues affecting communities and are offered once a month at various centres around the province of Kwazulu-Natal. The public are encouraged to bring along their IRP5s, medical aid, retirement annuity and interest certificates, where applicable, and/or all documentation relating to their particular matter.

The subjects covered by AMAL’s tax/accounting experts will include advice on personal income tax – when is it compulsory to register and ensure tax compliancy, free onsite calculation to see whether an employee paying tax (paye) is due a refund by Sars, small business tax registration and Sars incentives for small businesses (SME’s), Seda incentives offered by eThekwini Municipality (marketing and branding) for SME’s, and employees tax incentives – refund system for businesses creating employment.

The legal experts will cover queries including wills, estates and beneficiaries, all types of contracts, business, private, legal, marriage, Consumer Protection Act, customer rights, debt, leases, tenants-landlord issues, human rights, husband and wife rights and obligations, child rights, custody, wife and child abuse – emotional, physical, economical, and maintenance.

The professionals will also help students and youth with career guidance in all accounting/ tax/ legal fields of study and employment.

The public is urged to take advantage of this limited offer of free advice.

Any group or public organisation experiencing problems getting to the centre may contact AMAL for a customised session at their premises to help with the needs of their specific community, eg: senior citizens groups or community centre.
For more information, contact the office on 031 207 3381 or email to [email protected]