Cast, a non-profit organisation in partnership with Cornerstone Community Church will be offering a free one day business training on Saturday, 30 March.

The business programme is community-based and is also run in 10 different communities in the vicinity of Durban.

General manager of Cast, Charmaine Moses said, “The business development training aims to develop businesses and further their careers as to earn an income especially with our current unemployment rate.

“This is a one-day course known as Business Experience Course, where training will run for eight hours.

“It is purely practical and can be done by any businessman or entrepreneur literate or illiterate.

“Entrepreneurs during this stage are introduced to selling aspects, pricing of commodities, negotiating, record keeping, promotion, community needs, advertising and income generating investments. The course will start at 8am and end at 4pm with entrepreneurs receiving certificates for completing the whole course,” added Moses.

For more information, contact the offices on 031 266 8830.