Fraud suspects arrested at bank

A 30-year-old woman and a Pakistani national were apprehended while attempting to open an account with falsified documents at a bank in Verulam.

Reaction Unit South Africa was called to the bank in the central business district after a consultant established that a salary advice and a bank statement produced by an Indian female were fraudulent.

Rusa director, Prem Balram said that when reaction officers arrived at the bank, they interviewed the woman who was there with her three-year-old son. “She informed officers that a Pakistani national had met her outside the bank and asked her to assist him in opening a bank account,” said Balram.

“He informed her that she would be paid for her assistance. After opening the account she was to hand over her bank card to him. He then handed her the documents and waited in the bank while she was being attended to by a consultant.”

Balram said that it is believed that the Pakistani national was part of a syndicate responsible for defrauding banks. “Their modus operandi is to generally open bank accounts with falsified documents.

“After a few months, the account holder applies for a loan. Once the bank approves the application and deposits the money into their account, the cash is withdrawn and the account becomes dormant.
The account holder is then paid a portion of the loan acquired and only a few or no repayments are made to the bank,” said Balram.
The two suspects were handed over to the Verulam police who will investigate the matter.