By Krishnee Naidoo

A 12-year-old Phoenix girl broke her silence after eight months and revealed that she had been raped by a family member in the Foresthaven home in December and was threatened to remain silent or face the consequences of her spilling the sordid secret.

According to Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt L Naidoo, the 28-year-old suspect was arrested on Saturday, 5 August and appeared in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court where he was remanded to Westville Prison with no bail. “The young girl was with a family member when she was sexually abused by him. Fearing that the threats he had made to her would be carried out, the girl carried this secret with her for the past eight months after the perpetrator told her not to report the matter. The little girl failing to holding onto this secret eventually reported the matter to the police,” said Cpt Naidoo.

“It is sad when the ones we entrust with our children violate that trust in such a despicable manner. To sexually abuse a minor and then threaten her to keep silent is reprehensible to say the least. It is fortunate that the young girl spoke out about the incident eventually and justice can now take its course. The safety and protection of women and children in our society is of high priority and those who mess with those vulnerable lives will be dealt with severely by the law,” Cpt Naidoo added.

Phoenix CPF chairman, Umesh Singh said, “Sadly, yet another minor falls victim to the scourge of rape. We, as a community, together with police, and the relevant authorities will strive to ensure that the women and children in our community are empowered and protected against this heinous crime. We have faith that police will investigate thoroughly and the accused will be punished accordingly for his deed.”