As the Easter vibe sets in, three families on Everham Road are in low spirit and are reeling from the aftermath of a fire that broke out, causing extensive damage to one residence whilst the adjoining properties sustained water and soot damage on Friday.

A 58-year-old grandmother and her four-year-old grandson escaped from the burning house and were treated for smoke inhalation. Speaking to the Phoenix Tabloid, Councillor in the area, Samir Singh, said, it is fortunate that there were no injuries and fatalities. “I visited the family and also together with my team, we rallied aid for the affected family. I also managed to fast track the insurance procedures as the homeowners are elderly.

“Sadly, the upper level is completely destroyed. It is believed that the fire was caused through an electrical fault. The four year old is believed to have noticed the smoke and drew the family’s attention to the fire. The family of 10 are trying to manage under the dreadful circumstances.”
Members of Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) also rushed to the scene after receiving multiple calls from residents in the area reporting the fire.

Head of RUSA, Prem Balram, said, “Upon arrival the upper level of the home was found engulfed in flames. Reaction Officers evacuated occupants from two flats attached to the burning home due to the flames and smoke spreading through the building. Firemen quickly extinguished the blaze. “A 58-year woman and her four year old grandson were treated by medics for smoke inhalation on scene. It is alleged that a four year old boy was seen playing with a box of matches in one of the bedrooms when the fire started.” Neighbour, 40-year-old Sebastian Ryan Jacobs told the Phoenix Tabloid that his family home has been left in a terrible state after the fire. “My mum and my five year old daughter were upstairs when my mum alerted me to the fire. I rushed to my neighbour’s house where the fire broke out to help, but could not get in as the smoke was dense and the flames were vicious. After the fire was doused, the damage to our home is serious. “The walls and ceiling as well as furniture and clothing have been water soaked and damaged. Sadly, we have no insurance and being unemployed I am concerned about my family living here. With the rain coming down this past weekend, we had a difficult time keeping the rain out.” Phoenix CPF chairman, Umesh Singh, said, “Thankfully a fatal disaster was avoided, however, families have been affected. Residents are urged to attend to any electrical faults as soon as it is noted. Also, do not leave children unsupervised in the home. Accidents can occur in the blink of an eye. We commend community leaders and members for helping the affected family during this time.”