An Estcourt father marched with a handful of supporters from the community to a home after his seven-year-old daughter claimed that she was sexually assaulted by a man. Their identities are known to the Ladysmith Herald, but are being kept to protect the child.

I could not sit and wait for the police of Estcourt to do something, said the father, who wept when he spoke to the Ladysmith Herald. The father claimed that he rallied a few members from his community and took a peaceful march to the house where the suspect might have been. I went to the police station to open a case, but nothing was being done and the man was still walking the streets of Estcourt.

The family claims that the little child went to her mother to tell her that a man was touching her and playing sort of games that they must keep a secret. I cannot explain to you the hurt and the shock when I was told the story. It is not clear how many times the seven year-old was sexually assaulted. She has since been taken to the hospital for a medical assessment.

The father explained that his daughter and other children from the area go to the house where a daycare facility is run. I cant say if the man has done this to other children there, said the father.

The house allegedly belongs to the suspect’s mother. After the march to the house the police arrested a suspect. He denied everything to my face, but I believe what my child told me. The suspect will appear in the Estcourt Magistrates Court.