An Acara Street family has been left severely traumatised and revealing injuries after five men claiming to be police officers booted down their door terrorizing them, including their two minor children, at gunpoint in a house robbery on Tuesday night.

Speaking to the Phoenix Tabloid, the emotional Stonebridge mother, who wished to remain anonymous, said her family was trying hard to recover from their terrifying ordeal that has left her and her husband, physically bruised and emotionally scarred, whilst their 10-year-old son had a firearm pointed to his head and his life threatened.

“We were inside our home at about 9.45pm and we were awaiting the load-shedding for the night when the scary episode unfolded. The gang of men cut our lock on our gate and booted down our door. They accosted my husband and myself in view of our two sons, aged, nine and 10. The men were dressed in dark blue uniform and claimed to be from the NIU (National Intervention Unit). They had firearms and no badges to indicate they were police. They grabbed my husband and handcuffed him. I tried to intervene because I saw how rough they were. They also handcuffed me,” she said.

The police officers claimed they were sent by a known drug dealer from the area and they were searching for drugs. They turned our house upside down and appeared to be on a mission of some sort. They found no drugs in our house. The police officers then placed some sort of rubber item on my husband’s head and tried to suffocate him whilst they interrogated him. They manhandled my husband and myself. The suspects pushed me around and I fell on to the cupboard. One of the men, held a gun to my 10-year-old son’s head and threatened his life. My other son was watching all of this violence and was panicked,” said the victim.

“Whilst the gang was terrorising our family, the lights went out during the loadshedding schedule. This did not deter them. They continued their assault and ransacking. They threatened to plant drugs in our home. They took cash to the value of R5 000, shoes, jewellery and clothes. One of them demanded to know my husband’s number and stated that they will come to our house once every month to collect money. They left with all our items in the white Quantum which they arrived in.

“We have been to the doctor for our injuries. The emotional scars are very troubling. Both our sons have to be constantly reassured that everything is fine. They saw the aggression and violence displayed by the police officers. We do not know why we have been targeted by those men who claimed to be police officers. We have reported the incident to Phoenix police and will be taking it up further. Our family is really affected by the terror ordeal. It’s a nightmare that we can’t seem to wake up from. We want the matter investigated so that we can determine why we were harassed and hurt in this manner,” the scared mother said.

Phoenix police confirmed the incident. A case of house robbery is being investigated. Phoenix CPF chairman, Umesh Singh, said: “This is a concerning matter as all crime incidents are where lives are threatened by men claiming to be police officers. This matter will be investigated by the relevant personnel to determine the veracity of the claims and if police officers are found to be implicated in the incident, the law will take its course. There have been reports of bogus police officers who have been implicated in criminal activities. Further investigations will prove the real perpetrators behind this crime. We want our residents to have faith in our police officers not to be terrorised by them.”