Family robbed at gunpoint in Morningside home invasion


Armed robbers held up a Morningside family and their domestic workers, tied them up and robbed them of cash and other valuables in a home invasion early on Monday morning.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios, said about five suspects forced their way into the Peter Mokaba Road property when a domestic worker opened the gate to put rubbish bags out
for collection at around 7:10am. “The suspects, two of them armed with firearms, forced their way onto the premises and held up the family and domestic workers at gunpoint. They assaulted the two domestic workers and then tied them and the family up,” Mathios said.

“The suspects demanded cash, jewellery and keys for the family’s vehicle. They fled the scene with jewellery, televisions, cash and cellphones in the family’s vehicle,” Mathios said.

Berea SAPS and trauma debriefers from the Berea Crisis Team attended the scene of the crime. Mathios advised residents to remind their domestic staff of security steps to take before opening gates to their premises during the day. “Domestic staff need to be vigilant during the day as criminals may view them as easy targets as they often work alone in the home and garden. Before opening the door or gates it’s important to make sure that there are no suspicious individuals standing around or parked outside the property,” Mathios said.

“If someone rings the bell who claims to be a contractor or a municipal employee coming to read the electricity meter or water meter, rather provide the person with the meter reading than open the gate to let the person in. Municipal staff carry identification cards and must produce these upon request,” Mathios said.

Mathios added that in this case, it was possible that the suspects had been lying in wait in nearby bushes before striking. “Always make sure that there are no hiding places such as overgrown bushes and trees on your verge or across the road, if possible, to make it more difficult for criminals to use the element of surprise,” Mathios said.