A man was charged with defeating the ends of justice and perjury after concocting an incident to the Malvern police last Thursday.

According to Malvern SAPS corporate communications officer, Radhika Marimuthu, the suspect who does deliveries for an online shopping store reported an armed robbery where goods for a substantial amount were stolen.

“The suspect alleged that he had stopped at a delivery address in the Malvern area and looked for the address on the invoice, however the address could not be located,” said Marimuthu. He said that at that point, four armed men rushed out of a bush and accosted him. The suspect alleged that these armed men offloaded the boxes from the back of his van and fled into the bush, taking his cellphone but leaving the vehicle. She said that the detectives on taking the statement visited the scene of crime and reconstructed the events.

The details did not add up. Further investigation and a tracking system on the vehicle together with CCTV footage unfolded the actual, chain of events. The suspect s cell phone was also found in the vehicle. When the suspect realised that he was between a rock and a hard place, he confessed to staging the events.

“He was then charged for defeating the ends of justice and perjury,” said Marimuthu. She said that people should be warned against opening false cases. Investigations take up time and resources of the police. The police have the acumen and foresight to detect a false case when one is reported.