The South African Revenue Service’s mission to seize and destroy illegal imported goods is not boosting its coffers but has wrecked the plans of the importers to cash in millions of rands illegally over the festive period.

SARS recently dealt the importers of used vehicles and fake designer label clothing massive blows.

26 vehicles which landed at Durban Harbour were taken to a scrapyard in Phoenix and destroyed.

A few days later, SARS conducted an operation with the SAPS and Metro Police at King Shaka International Airport and seized fake designer label clothing valued at millions of rands.

The seizure of the T-shirts, shirts, jeans, caps and other clothing has thrown the plans of the syndicate who intended flooding the formal and informal sector with them into disarray.
After SARS and the SAPS have completed their investigations, the clothing will be shredded.

SARS recently issued a warning to non-compliant tax payers who import goods and do not declare the taxes owed that it is adopting a zero percent policy to illegal transactions.

SARS said it will be stepping up its search and seizure operations against illegal activities over the festive period.