The hate speech Facebook incident that was brought before the Equality Court in Ladysmith has been set for trial. This decision was reached after both parties could not agree on an apology. The trial starts on 3 November.

The matter was brought before the Equality Court by the former Speaker of the Alfred Duma Municipality Zehra Rassool and another community member, Tubby Narrendes. Both demanded a public apology for the Facebook post deemed “hate speech”.

According to the respondents, a post by Namrith “Boy” Singh, 51, likened Muslim morals to that of pigs. His post said: “Your nation always block(s) their face(s) like cowards.” A charge of crimen injuria was laid at the Ladysmith Police station soon after the post in January.

Said Rasool in court today (15 September): “We are only asking for a public apology because his post on Facebook was against all Muslims, not just the woman in the video.”

It was agreed upon at his last court appearance that Singh would make a public apology, but Rassool told The Ladysmith Herald that Singh’s apology was only made to the woman in video. “We also drafted apology, but it too was rejected.”

Singh’s legal team did not comment except to say that it would be best that the matter goes to trial.