Excitement, anticipation and trepidation filtered through the air as learners from across Durban welcomed yet another new school year, some for the very first time as doors re-opened on Wednesday, 9 January. The new school year, marks a new era in every parent and child’s life as they embark on a long journey towards becoming an adult.

Going to Grade 1 can be filled with emotions good and bad for both parents and children, some are excited and some are a little bit overwhelmed, shedding some tears and others hungry in the very first hour of the day. Others are ready to get those little minds and hands working.
On the first day, children will be expected to know the basics such as going to the loo and washing their own hands afterwards. They should also know how to eat and undo their own buttons and zips which may not be as necessary in the first week.

Parents should be supportive as children’s thoughts about school can vary enormously – some can hardly wait, while others find it stressful to leave their parents for the entire day especially after the long holidays spent together. Change for some can prove overwhelming. Parents can assist by talking to them about what they will be doing at school and who they will meet in positive terms.

The Glenwood Weekly Gazette and Glenwood Preparatory School wish all learners a great year ahead.