“The community is warned to take heed of online scams that can jeopardise their reputation when pornographic material is exchanged and can lead to blackmail and extortion.”

This is the warning from Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt L Naidoo, after yet another victim fell prey to an online fraudster who demanded cash from a victim or risk pornographic pictures being published online.

“It is alleged by the complainant that during mid-January, he came into contact with a lady via online dating.

“The complainant and the said lady communicated via WhatsApp and never met in person. The two exchanged pornographic photographs of each other. After sometime, the woman threatened to expose the complainant’s pictures on social media to his family and friends if he did not pay her an amount of R1, 000.

“The complainant then blocked the said woman’s number and had no further contact with her.

“He proceeded to report a case of extortion against the suspect,” said Cpt Naidoo.
“Police have warned the public on numerous occasions about the danger of such online scams.

“The repercussions and consequences are very damaging. The community needs to refrain from participating in such destructive scams,” Cpt Naidoo added.