EThekwini city manager, Sipho Nzuza, has assured all residents that the tap water in their homes is not contaminated and is safe to drink.

This was after the residents were misinformed that the water was not safe to drink, which resulted to the city being inundated with calls from residents questioning its safety.

“We are very concerned with lies making rounds that our water is not clean. Water is very important in sustaining human life and under no circumstances shall we compromise on that. We have got water experts working for the city who are responsible for ensuring that without fail, we provide clean water that is safe to drink. Even the water that we happen to provide with water tankers in times of emergencies is clean,” said Nzuza.

Nzuza said some residents received information that in certain areas, water was infected with pathogens which are microorganisms that have a deadly potential to trigger diseases such as diarrhoea.

“We understand that it is the electioneering period and some would want to be seen to be doing something by their bosses by peddling lies.
“We are calling for responsible leadership to all political leaders in our communities and refrain from sending communities in panic mode solely to score cheap political points at the expense of the welfare of our communities.

“We are fully aware of reports of water borne diseases in northern parts of the country, but not here,” said Nzuza.

“We are sincerely apologising to all our residents for interruptions of water supply that have been experienced recently,” added Nzuza.

The city has assured to resolve all water problems in the northern parts and is appealing to all residents to report with speed, in the event of water leaks by sending a text message to
083 707 3013.