Businesses appear to have been targeted by armed robbers with five armed robberies reported this past weekend.

Armed robbers stabbed a security guard during a business robbery in Umgeni Park over the weekend. Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios said the incident was one of five armed robberies reported at business premises over the weekend. Mathios said suspects armed with knives held up the security guard at the business premises in Peter Road just before 5am on Saturday morning.

“Two suspects gained entry onto the premises by damaging a rear palisade fence. They held up the security guard at knifepoint and robbed him of his wallet and a personal pellet gun,” Mathios said.
“During the confrontation with the robbers, one of the knifemen stabbed the security guard in his hand. ER24 paramedics attended the scene and transported the injured security guard to hospital,” Mathios said. Mathios said in a second incident, north of Umgeni on Saturday, a gang of four armed robbers smashed the front door of a shop in uMhlanga to gain entry. “The gang fled with brand name watches,” Mathios said.

Armed robbers also held up a security guard at a business premises in Suzuka Road in Westmead at around 9.11am on Saturday.
“Three suspects, one of them armed with a firearm, held up the security guard and forced him to lie on the floor of the guardhouse while they broke into a truck on the premises. They cut open the truck’s tarpaulin and stole a pallet containing cases of oil,” Mathios said.

Mathios said the suspects had gained entry via the driveway gate which had been opened after the truck driver parked his truck on the premises and then left in another vehicle. Pinetown SAPS attended the scene of the crime. In a fourth incident in Trent Road in Clairwood at around 1.41pm on Sunday, five armed suspects held up two security guards on the premises.

“The suspects tied up the security guards and robbed them of their cellphones, wallets, panic buttons and remotes for the gate. It is unclear how the suspects managed to gain entry onto the premises,” Mathios said. Mathios added that four armed suspects held up a security guard at a business premises in Bonela at around 5.15am on Monday morning.

“The suspects managed to cut the locks on a security gate and forced open the front door to gain entry. They ransacked the offices and fled the scene. It is unclear at this stage what was stolen,” Mathios said.
Mayville SAPS attended the scene of the crime.