A driver was duped, robbed at gunpoint and left almost naked and bound in Mount Moriah after he picked up a passenger and unknowingly embarked on a terror ordeal that could have cost him his life, on Wednesday. 

Communications officer at Phoenix SAPS, Cptain L Naidoo, said: “The complainant reports that at about 11pm he was driving along ML Sultan Road in Durban when he received a request to pick up a passenger who was going to Moun Moriah. He was driving a white Toyota Avanza.

“He picked up an unknown man and when the complainant reached Mount Moriah, he tried to park the vehicle and realised that the said man had not exited the vehicle.

“Suddenly, the driver’s door opened and he was approached by three unknown men. Two of the men pointed a firearm at him. Fearing for what might happen, he screamed.

“The suspects ordered him not to make noise. They also instructed him to move from the driver’s seat to the back seat and kneel down,” said Naidoo.

“At that time, the complainant claims he was unsure as to whether the man who requested for his assistance was still in the vehicle. The suspects then drove with him to an unknown place where he was told that should he try anything, they will shoot him. The suspects drove to a dark place where they told the complainant to undress.

“He was only left with his boxer shorts. They took his cellphones and cash of R2 700. When they were in the bush, they asked the complainant to lie down on his abdomen.

“They tied his legs and hands. One of the suspects was in possession of a firearm and another had a container with petrol and matches. They enquired about a tracking device on the vehicle. The suspects then left with the complainant’s vehicle,” Naidoo said.

“The complainant then came out of the bush a little later and managed to find assistance and contacted his employer. He met his employer at a nearby garage and was assisted in calling the police station where a case of carjacking was registered. The suspects in this case are unknown.”