Driver escapes as protestors set truck alight


A truck driver heading along the R74 pass Colenso escaped a fiery death after protesters forced his truck off the road and set it alight. This came in the wake of continued protests over service delivery in the area.

“Things happened so fast. I just remember that the road was closed and when I stopped there were people all around me. I managed to escape from the truck, before they set alight,” said the driver, who was clearly still in shock.

The scared driver ran all the way to the Colenso police station for help, but at the time the police arrived at the scene the truck was destroyed in the blaze.

While recovery was underway protesters gathered along the R74 and the Colenso R103 and began closing off the roads again. Police and Road Traffic Inspectorate had their handful as protests began in the early hours of Monday morning.

The roads were closed off for a short while early in the morning but were later opened.

The Ladysmith Herald was on the scene as protesters covered their faces as they went about breaking branches of trees and packing roads and road signs to block off roads. Police had not yet arrived in some affected areas. Meanwhile, the burned truck was cleared off the road before it was completely barricaded again.

It is believed that the protests were about electricity and other service delivery, a continuing problem in the area.