Two people were killed following a drive-by shooting on Todd Street in Verulam on Sunday. Another person is in a critical condition.

The operations centre of Reaction Unit South Africa(Rusa) reacted after it received calls about the shooting incident from members of the public. “Members of Reaction Unit South Africa found a Golf 7 in the center of the road.The rear passenger sustained multiple gunshot wounds and died in the vehicle. The driver also passed away. A passenger was critically injured. After being stabilised by paramedics, he was transported to hospital” said Rusa director, Prem Balram.
According to Balram, witnesses reported seeing two vehicles, driving towards the Golf 7.

“The occupants of both vehicles fired a volley of shots with high caliber rifles at the Golf before they sped off. Seventeen spent rifle cartridges were found on scene.The motive for the shooting is unclear at this stage,” said Balram.