Domestic mauled by Rottweiler


A domestic worker’s run-in with her employer’s pet Rottweiler left her with serious injuries, after she was mauled by the dog as she arrived for work, in Lotus Park last week.

The woman was rushed to a local hospital for emergency treatment and is making a slow recovery.

A PT Alarms paramedic stabilised the seriously injured woman on scene

Spokesman for PT Alarms, tactical manager, Dhevan Govindasamy, said a PT Alarms manager was in the area and was alerted to the incident. “The PT Alarms ambulance service was immediately summoned and worked quickly to stabilise the injured woman.

“It is alleged that the woman had been entering the premises and the dog had tried to escape via the open gate. It seems when she closed the gate, the dog mauled her.

“It was a very gruesome attack. The victim was severely bitten on the head, arms and neck. She sustained critical injuries,” Govindasamy said.

According to Govindasamy, it is alleged that the domestic worker has been working at the residence for 11 years and is known to the family dog.

He said the owners were on site and it is still unknown what provoked the Rottweiler to attack the domestic.

This incident comes hot on the heels of a recent pitbull attack , where a teen girl was critically injured by two pitbulls in Sydenham. The girl was rushed to hospital and one dog was shot dead whilst the second dog fled.