Children from the youth centre prepare for the big Rain Dance event

All kinds of efforts are being put in place throughout South Africa to help Cape Town as they approach “Day Zero” in about 12 weeks, when the city plans to cuts off water to homes and businesses.

They are experiencing the worst drought ever and could become the first city in the world to not have water. With the Eastern Cape also suffering a severe drought, the crisis could become a reality in Durban in the near future if not enough is done to save water.

Revolution Motorcycle Club together with the Nelson Mandela Chatsworth Youth Centre are teaming up with community organisations, schools and businesses to collect water and have a water education campaign called the “Rain Dance”.

Clive Pillay from the youth centre, said, “We were approached by community organisations in Cape Town to assist in getting them clean drinkable water, jo-jo tanks and big plastic drums to run their institutions.

Many of these organisations are from poorer communities working with children with drug resistant TB and with old age homes.

“We want to run a campaign from today, collecting water. It will culminate in a big ‘Rain Dance’ at the Youth centre on Saturday, 17 March, which will be a fun event to highlight the drought. Bands, the drum circle and other entertainers will be needed to make this event a success. We are taking the water collection campaign into schools with two objectives: To get children to donate water and to create awareness of the need to value water and to use it wisely.” said Pillay.

Anyone wanting to help organise the event and the water collection, or be part of the entertainment should attend a meeting on Saturday, 17 February, at the youth centre at 11am.

This event is part of the many events the youth centre will be hosting this year to commemorate 100-years of Mandela. For more information call Clive Pillay on 061 429 2574.