Do not dump your babies, social worker appeals


Another foetus has been abandoned. This time it was found inside a bucket of water by people who were looking for scrap metal on Neptune Dr in Verulam last Sunday.

Verulam Child and Family Welfare Society supervisor, Mala Pather, has warned women not to dump or abandon their babies or foetuses, saying that there is help at hand.

Pather said that this was not the first time that a foetus was found in the area and urged the community to seek assistance.

“If you know of anyone who has a problem, contact us or the police for assistance. Do not leave it to get to this stage, there is help out there and all you need to do is call us or go to the nearest hospital for assistance.”

Reaction Unit of South Africa director Prem Balram, said that his team was dispatched after receiving a call from a resident requesting assistance.

“The resident was informed that a foetus was found inside a bucket of water near his residence.”

He said that when reaction officers arrived at the scene the man explained that he was approached by individuals who were searching the dense bush for scrap metal opposite his home when they made the discovery.

“The resident then led Rusa paramedics through a pathway into the bush and pointed out the plastic bucket which was sealed with a lid,” said Balram.

“Upon inspection, several items of clothing and the foetus including the placenta were found in the bucket which was partially filled with water. The sex or the race of the child could not be distinguished.

“It is alleged that whoever delivered the baby had done so elsewhere before dumping the remains in the bush several metres away from the roadside,” said Balram.

Pather said that Child Welfare was available to assist mothers with unwanted pregnancies.

“Help is always at hand. Do not dump your babies. Call us to help.”

Child Welfare can be contacted on 032 533 1046.


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