Do beauty pageants empower or objectify women?


Many people feel that beauty pageants do more harm than good, especially contestant’s self-esteem. Some pageants specify what they want from models like good physique or structure of the body, size and etc. Just like any other industry, there are all kinds of beauty pageants. Some may objectify women. Some may not. Some may be committed to completely eradicate the negativity and permeate the wave of unconditional positive environment. Tabloid Newspapers took to the streets and asked a few women to share their views on the matter.

Phindile Nxumalo
Yes it does. Beauty pageants have allowed young girls to think beauty is on the outside and not the inside. If a beautiful girl enters a pageant and does not win, she will start to consider herself ugly or fat. These pageants create a lot of problems that can affect not only the girl, but the people surrounding her as well.

Madelyn Herbet
Beauty pageants are supposed to entertain. If a girl has a low self-esteem and lacks confidence, chances are that the girl had those issues way before she participated in a beauty pageant. I feel pageants offer girls a chance to chase their dreams.

Stacey Eagleton
Beauty pageants offer support for women
to discover who they are. They also give women an an opportunity to explore who they can become. Also, the fact that they are just for fun, they allow women to dress up and look beautiful and make them feel like they are in the spotlight and get attention. They even offer scholarships and many big opportunities for the participants.

Nokthula Duma
Pageants do object women, it teaches children that the worth of a person is solely based on appearance. They increase dieting, eating disorders and lower their self-zesteems causing them to simply feel inaccurate and ugly. They also set false standards about how a woman should look.

Noxolo Lukhozi
I don’t like beauty contests simply because they specify on what kind of women they want and for me that is objectivity. They are also very demeaning towards women and how we should act, what we should like and how we should look. I just do not see a reason why they should parade themselves wearing bikinis. As much as they say they judge on personality, they also judge you on the way you look.