After a recent incident in the the Westville North area where a grandmother and son- in-law were shot dead by home invaders, Deputy Mayor Fawzia Peer has committed to increase Metro Police visibility and patrols in the area.

Peer made the commitments after realising that crime has increased in the area as there were many other reports of home invasions. She said she was angered and shocked by the killing of the two residents.

“I am angered by the wanton disregard of life. The level of crime in Westville has once again reached an unacceptable level,” said Peer.

At a meeting held with the residents of Westville North a month ago, the deputy mayor said, ” A decision was taken with the SAPS and Metro Police to maximise visibility of the police notwithstanding the shortage of resources. The satellite station will be placed one of these days. Closed circuit cameras would be up and running soon in the area and a satellite station will be placed soon. Reducing crime is not only the work of police but the community also has to play a role,” Peer said.

Metro Police spokesperson, Senior Superintendent Parboo Sewpersad, said they would have 24 hour visible policing in the area which would feature their K-9 Unit. Patrols would also feature marked and unmarked police vehicles.

“For security reasons, I cannot say the numbers of police who will be deployed in the area, however, there will be mobile CCTV cameras placed in strategic areas. A joint operation centre would be set up at the satellite police station. They would be working with the SAPS, private security companies and other stakeholders in the area,” Sewpersad said.

He added that the only times there would be less police would be when they have to respond to incidents that were out of the area. “We are trying our best with the current resources that we have,” he said.