Our consciousness breathes our energy. The energy which we radiate is what we attract, the simple law of attraction. With this comes gratitude which stems from the depth of the heart and is imperative in appreciating life’s little blessings as an immense joy.

A conscious focus on gratitude makes daily life meaningful and eases painful situations. Our hearts thrive by giving and receiving love. This need exists within any relationship be it between siblings, spouses, and between parent and child. To give love without expectation showcases a full and grateful heart, whereas to only receive without reciprocation enhances greed within the consciousness.

Gratitude and greed do not complement each other. These are opposing forces which cannot breed harmoniously in the same energy field. The choice rests within the individual as to whether greed or gratitude will thrive within our sphere.

I am an avid reader. One of my favourite authors is Radhanath Swami who is a Vaisnava Monk. In a piece titled ‘The Ocean’ Radhanath Swami draws a comparison between nature and our lives. During summer, very little water comes from the river into the ocean, however even with little rainfall the ocean does not dry out. Whereas during the monsoon season when rainfall is at its peak, the river bed increases in breadth and depth – sometimes immersing millions of litres of water per minute into the ocean yet the ocean does not flood.

In either case, the ocean remains unaffected. This phenomenon is due to the oceanic quality of being full and deep that no external forces can disturb its stillness and equilibrium. To delve a little deeper – if we compare the ocean with a puddle of water – during the monsoon rains that puddle will overflow, and within summer that puddle will dry up. This is because the puddle lacks the depth of the ocean. This analogy is relative to our consciousness – if our lives are filled with gratitude and love, no external force can negatively tamper with our energy. However, if our lives are empty, then one will be completely affected by everything that comes our way. Whatever we feed within our lives will grow. These choices remain within our reach.

Practise mindfulness in gratitude Being in a difficult situation can cloud our vision to remain positive and we cannot consider the situation objectively. This is especially when matters are close to the heart, it is natural to become emotionally involved and often takes an outsider to point out a way in which the situation can call for gratitude.

This can however be overcome by practising mindfulness within every situation – no matter the magnitude of the situation – be mindful and delve into an aspect (even if it may seem minor) that you can be grateful for. This practise will re-wire the brain so that gratitude becomes a natural tendency.

A gratitude journal After the mindful sessions write down everything that you are grateful for. Depending on your focus, the list could originate from a warm bed to tuck in at night, a plate of nutritious
food, to our careers, family or whatever has special meaning. Whilst putting pen to paper, make a conscious effort to be grateful and exclude any disturbing, ungrateful thoughts.

Begin by doing this on a daily basis for a week – then move on to a weekly journal entry and review as often as the heart requires. These quick exercises may seem simple, yet when it is in motion, you will observe that it requires time and attention. Make it a ritual and the oceanic heart will overflow with love.

About the columnist: Krsangi Radhe is a public relations practitioner, educator, entrepreneur and motivational speaker.
Visit her blog: www.vearth.org.za