The days of dicing with death for Waterloo residents who previously walked on a makeshift bridge which had no safety rails is over.

Thanks to the intervention of councillor Johnson Chetty, the eThekwini Municipality has kept to its promise and has put safety measures in place.

The municipality recently installed railings on either side of the bridge.
Looking at the picture one will not say that underneath the concrete structure is a massive sewer pipe which residents used as a short cut to walk to Cornubia, a sports ground which is situated near the stream and elsewhere.

Chetty who first heard of the resident’s plight about eight months ago, said he is relieved that the municipality acted with haste to have the rails installed.

“Children use the bridge as a short cut to get to the canefield to cut sugarcane and to play football on the ground. Adults walk on the bridge to take them to Cornubia and other places. They used to dice with death when they used the bridge. That is now a thing of the past. Children and adults have something in their neighbourhood to cheer them up,” said Chetty.