BREAKING NEWS: Bodies of mum and teen daughter discovered in alleged Phoenix double murder

Phoenix SAPS are working round the clock to solve the mystery behind the triple murder of a mum and her two daughters which has rocked the Phoenix community today.

Communications Officer at Phoenix SAPS Cpt L Naidoo said, “On Friday, 21 September at about 9am, members of SAPS Phoenix responded to a complaint at Tashmeer Mansions, Longcroft, Phoenix. Upon their arrival at the scene, members interviewed a man who alleged that it was his family who were murdered.

The said man alleged that on Thursday 20 September at 10pm, he arrived home from work.

“He was not in possession of the house keys. He knocked at the door and when there was no response, he left the premises and proceeded to his mothers’ place of residence. He further alleges that on Friday at 07:30, he arrived at his house on Longcoft and still there was no response to his knocks. The then climbed the balcony and entered the house through the back window as there is no burglar guards.”

“When he entered the house, he found his 44-year old wife laying on the floor not breathing. He then went to his daughter’s bedroom where he found his 16 year old daughter lying on the bed face down on the pillow. She also had no injuries and also was not breathing. The said man then alerted the neighbours who contacted the police.

It was then established that the 22-year old daughter who also resides with them was not in the premises. Her cellular phone was switched off and there was no sign of her,” Cpt Naidoo added.

The Detectives from SAPS Phoenix, the Dog Unit, LCRC and other units were present at the scene.

“After the bodies of the two victims were examined by the pathologist, they were removed to the Government Mortuary in Phoenix. Once the two bodies were removed, members of SAPS Phoenix detective services continued with their investigation. A thorough search was conducted in the entire house and the body of the 22-year old who was missing, was found in the wardrobe.

It appears that the deceased was strangled and her hands were tied behind her back. She was also stabbed several times on the neck area. The doctor was then summoned back to the scene,” Cpt Naidoo said.

The motive for the murder is unknown at this stage. A case of Triple Murder is being investigated. No arrest has been made thus far.

BREAKING NEWS: Bodies of mum and teen daughter discovered in alleged Phoenix double murder