The 26-year-old Bachelor of Social Science graduate, is crossing her fingers that on 11 July she will make the cut for the top 16.

UMhlanga resident Danielle Wallace has her eyes set on winning the Miss South Africa crown.

Wallace moved to Cape Town from Durban a month ago to pursue her modelling career as well as her dream of becoming Miss South Africa.

She told Tabloid Newspapers that her dream of becoming Miss SA stems from a deep passion she has for women empowerment and an undeniable love and commitment to sharing with everyone she comes into contact with.

Wallace is involved in charity work for an organisation called Hopes Anchor. She has also spent time mentoring a young high school girl through a programme that centres on empowering underprivileged girls to chase their dreams despite their circumstances.

“I’ve been involved in charity work for an organisation that shows unconditional love and support to female sex workers in the Durban town.

“My time spent with these organisations and having a young sister of my own has really helped me open my eyes to what it is that I would love to reach.

“I’ve determined that with the Miss SA platform, I would love to reach the hearts and minds of women everywhere as a voice of love and encouragement and ultimately practical empowerment.” said Wallace.

The journey to the Miss SA crown has not been easy confesses Wallace but she said she is appreciative of the incredible moments that will stay with her forever.

“I’ve learnt to trust myself, to be authentic even in stressful situations. To always remember to let my personality shine through and to always remain present and grateful through every moment,” said Wallace.

Wallace said she is inspired by former Miss SA Cindy Nell. “Nell has a vivacious personality, she’s a driven career woman, and amidst all of that has still remained grounded and down to earth. I’m a firm believer in the pursuit of balance in life, and I think she has managed to strike that balance between the glitz and glam of the media and entertainment industry, and a grounded personal life, making her aspirational and also really warm and approachable which, in my opinion, are key characteristics of Miss SA,” she said.

Wallace believes winning the Miss SA title will not only be a dream come true but will accelerate the trajectory of her life.

“Winning the title would accelerate the trajectory of my life in a significant way, it would not only be a dream come true. I think it would also stand as testament to the fact that if you believe in yourself, make the sacrifices necessary, and work hard toward a goal, the universe will make a way for you,” explained Wallace.

The Miss South African Pageant will take place on Women’s Day, 9 August at Sun International in Pretoria, and will be broadcast live on M-Net and Mzanzi Magic.