The suspect quietly removed bars from the guard to gain entry into the property
The resident and armed suspect wrestled until the dad subdued the housebreaker
The knife used to attack the homeowner

By Krishnee Naidoo

A Winklespruit dad wrestled and subdued a house break-in suspect after rushing to his daughter’s aid whilst a suspect attempted to strangle her during the early hours of Friday morning.

Speaking to the Southern Star, brave dad, Andre Van Rensburg, said, “I am not so sure about brave but dad instinct kicked in and I just acted. It was about the safety of my family above all. Nothing else mattered. My 20-year-old daughter is shaken by the ordeal but she is a tough young lady. I am proud of how my girl handled the situation. I am grateful to the CCPO team for their swift response but I am deeply disappointed with the response from local police who only pitched up two hours after the incident was reported. We waited out two hours in the rain for police to make an appearance. That in itself added to the trauma and stress of the morning.”

Amanzimtoti Community Crime Prevention organization (CCPO) spokesman, George Snodey, said, “The local resident was awakened by his teen daughter’s screams from her room at a complex on Middleton Road. When the dad rushed to her aid, she had already struck the suspect on the head with her hockey stick. The suspect then attempted to strangle the teen but her dad heard her distress call and pounced on the suspect.
The dad and the suspect wrestled and ended up in the kitchen where the suspect grabbed hold of a butter knife and stabbed the dad twice. The brave dad did not release his hold on the suspect and managed to subdue him. Being CCPO clients, the CCPO team were standing off to assist the family within five minutes of being notified,” Snodey added.

According to Snodey, it was revealed that the suspect had been in another complex about 30 minutes before he attacked the father and daughter. “The suspect was disturbed by a resident and fled but the resident managed to note a description of the suspect’s clothing. The suspect then proceeded 100 metres up the road and tried his luck again. This suspect is known to the CCPO and SAPS and has been in prison three times for house break-in. It was discovered that the suspect removed the bars of the burglar guard without waking the family. We encourage residents who have these particular burglar guards to consider having them changed for better protection,” Snodey said.

Snodey thanked the CCPO and Umlazi K9 members for their quick response at the scene.