The Management and Community Policing Forum of Bayview SAPS would like to sensitise the community of the slight increase of theft of motor vehicles at places of worship, especially on Sunday mornings in the Bayview Policing Area.

Bayview SAPS Communications Officer Colin Chetty stated that this comes after two vehicles were stolen in the last two weeks.

“The first incident occurred on Sunday, 11 February where a church member had parked his vehicle and went into the service. Upon exiting the church about two hours later, he discovered that his vehicle was missing.

The second incident occurred on Sunday, 18 February where a resident had parked his car at a shopping complex and went to his church. One and a half hour later, he saw that his car was missing,” said Chetty.

W/O Chetty stated that that police have increased their visibility during this time. “We request that churches revisit their current security measures ensuring additional carguards, locking of gates during service times, also requesting additional patrols from armed response companies monitoring the premises,” said Chetty.

Chetty added that no arrests have yet been made. “Cases of Theft of motor vehicle have been opened and investigations are continuing.” Anyone with information can contact Det. W/O Watson Pillay on 031 405 72 04 or
082 411 6387.