The level of crime in the Kharwastan area has a seen a dramatic decline according to the local community policing forum.

PRO of the Kharwastan CPF, Sam Pillay, said the decline in crime was due to the very active members of the group and the co-operation of the residents.  

“We have 30 members who are part of the patrol team. They are very active and alert. Everyday they sacrifice their time, even at 3am, they go out there and secure the neighbourhood.”

Pillay added that a report from the local SAPS sector commander confirmed the declining crime statistics. “They informed us about how crime has reduced in the area since the CPF took on an active role in the community. Crime is at its lowest level ever, and we are really proud of that. This shows that the dedication of our members is paying off, and our neighbourhood can once again be safe.”

The Kharwastan CPF has also enlisted the help of a private security company, in patrolling the area. The neighbourhood of around 800 homes has a dedicated vehicle combing the streets of Kharwastan.

An Annual general meeting is scheduled to take place on 14 July from 2pm at the community centre, on Oak Avenue, when the KCPF will reflect on their achievements and future plans will also be showcased.

“We are urging all members of the community to get involved with this initiative because we plan to attain a second dedicated vehicle and those plans will be unveiled at the meeting.

“The more people we get on board, the more patrol vehicles we will have around the area for our protection,” Pillay said.

Kharwastan currently has an active Alert Whatsapp group linking with almost every member of Kharwastan. The zonal WhatsApp groups keep everybody informed of potential crime. For further information, contact Sam Pillay 082 954 4835.