The residents in Bradcroft, Phoenix were elated when their plights to have a dense bush removed were finally heard.

According to residents, they lived in fear of being attacked or killed as the overgrown bush had been a haven for brazen criminals who invade the nearby homes and pry on residents who leave home early and return home late from work.

Councillor, Jonathan Annipen said that when he attended the arranged site visit, he was shocked by what he saw. “When I got to Bradcroft I thought I was overlooking a rain forest or a jungle. While I believe that
the conservation of the natural habitat is important, it cannot be at the expense of the well-being and safety of the rate payers. The area is not maintained by Parks and Gardens and therefore criminals have free access to the homes of these innocent residents,” said Cllr Annipen.

He said when he saw what was happening he contacted Parks and Gardens and arranged for senior officials to attend a site visit with him. “These officials agreed that the site needed to be cleared and assured the community the same would be done. I want to laud the efforts of the department and assure the community that the MF will always assist to help make sure that their pleas for help are heard. We remain a watch dog at all levels of government.

“I also arranged for the health unit to visit the area because I was told that snakes and other rodents were infact breeding in this area. The officials from the health unit did in fact agree that the unkempt area was a serious health hazard and that the relevant departments should intervene. The MF believes that the safety of our people is paramount. The Parks Department in the municipality needs to be more proactive. While we appreciate the swift response in this case, we are also concerned by the many other complaints we receive on a daily basis where areas are not being attended to.”

He urged residents to forward their concerns to the MF office in Gem City, Phoenix via 031 500 7580.