The Sector 5 CPF recently hosted a successful crime awareness meeting at Olympia Primary School Hall in Pholenix.

The meeting was well attended by members of the community, SAPS Phoenix, religious leaders and security companies. Sector manager, Captain Reddy presented crime statistics and said that crime stats had spiked due to the winter season and residents needed to be vigilant.

Colonel Moodley from SAPS Phoenix stated that violent crimes in Phoenix were shocking.Col Moodley said that SAPS Phoenix had only 13 vehicles to attend to the various issues in the vast township. He listened attentively to the various complaints raised by members of the community regarding the conduct of the police at the local station and the poor police response time to callouts.

He further assured residents that he would address their complaints at his management meetings. Interim chairperson of Sector 5, Vivian Pillay said, “We are taking the meetings to the community in the different areas of Sector 5 so that we can give them the platform to raise their complaints, grievances and suggestions. SAPS Phoenix must have guidelines and must be where crime happens, not only to act as a deterrent but also to make people safe. People living in the affected areas and crime hot spots such as Brookdale, Palmview and Shastripark, feel they hardly see or are able to engage with the police”

Pillay said that sector policing is more about police being visible and interacting with residents on a regular basis. “People feel abandoned by the police service and felt that acts of violence and other injustices were either overlooked or handled poorly. Residents of Rosemanor have also requested a meeting in the area. The meeting will take place at the Agape Church in Rosemanor on Wednesday, 26 June at 6:30pm. Phoenix SAPS, the ward councillor and various security companies will be present,” added Pillay.

For further enquiries, contact Vivian Pillay on 084 605 6163.