Commuter dies, several injured in taxi smash


Sunday heralded death on the roads when one commuter lost his life while several others sustained injuries ranging from minor to serious after two minibus taxis collided in the morning. 

Crisis Medical spokesperson, Kyle van Reenen said: “Emergency services were called to the scene on the M25 KwaMashu Highway near the Bester area just after 8.30am. On arrival they were greeted with absolute chaos as the twisted frames of two minibus taxis occupied the roadway.

“Injured commuters were found clambering to safety and a triage area was established whilst additional ambulances were called for. Sadly, one commuter sustained fatal injuries and there was nothing paramedics could do to assist, he was declared deceased on arrival.

“One person suffered serious injuries and the assistance of the Red Cross Air Mercy aeromedical helicopter was called for and the patient was airlifted to hospital for further immediate care,” added Van Reenen. 

He said that the cause of the accident remained unknown and police were investigating.