Berea Community Policing Forum (CPF) together with ward councillors have asked the community to voice their views by signing a petition which is going around in the area’s CPF group Facebook page.

The petition is to demand that the Minister of Police Bheki Cele and SAPS leadership intervene by upgrading the Berea police station.

The petition lists grievances that need immediate attention. Berea SAPS CPF chairperson, Nicky Burke said both the leadership of the CPF and councillors have been sitting in meetings about the state of the station. She said an agreement was reached that the matters should be taken to the heads.

“We demand that the National Minister of police upgrades
Berea police station into a Brigadier station so that it deals more efficiently with crime in the area. We also want them to make the location of the station more accessible to the community. We are hoping that they could get another site to build the station making it more accessible to the elderly and frail,” Burke said.

She said one issue that has been a topic for over 10 years is the shortage of police vehicles, another is the lack of man power at the station. “The shortage of vehicles is a great concern as it makes it difficult for the officers to attend to crime scenes on time. With this petition we want the community to also give its views and sign the petition showing a joint movement,” said Burke.