Councillor Hassan Haniff of Ward 25, with prominent religious leaders and DSW Education and Environmental Health, recently met together to discuss the serious issue of illegal dumping within the ward.

During the meeting, the community leaders expressed their concerns and agreed to work together with the councillor as well as the municipality to spread awareness on this issue.

The community leaders were also encouraged to use their own platforms to reiterate the directives spoken about, which included household rubbish and garden refuse being put out on the morning of collection, as well as that black bags should be used only for household refuse and blue bags for garden refuse. Haniff also communicated the serious implication of those that are found dumping trash.

“Property owners need to take the responsibility of ensuring that tenants are provided with adequate bags or green bins. We are getting very serious about illegal dumping and if an individual is caught dumping, they will get a fine up to
R5 000,” said Haniff.

Avinash Sanichur, chairperson from Sri Sarada Devi Ashram, said that the collaboration between the ward councillor, municipal departments and religious organisations is a good step for the future of the community.

” It is inspiring to see the dedication and care with which the ward councillor and municipal departments intend to execute their duties. We as a community must also do our part by making our environment a better and cleaner place. Through the grace of the Almighty Lord may we always lend our support to good initiatives for the betterment of our families and community at large,” said Sanichur.

Tim from Believers Christian Church, said that he felt that the meeting with the community leaders was very fruitful and is encouraged to work together to solve the issue of illegal dumping within the

“The councillor is strongly against the phenomenon at hand and has vouched
to get the public aware of their unlawful doings with the help of different organisations in the area. Through this initiative, we are reminded that cleanliness is next to Godliness,” said Tim.

Community members are urged to assist in cleaning up the ward by doing their part to not dump trash illegally.