Living in the community for over 28 years, Heather Hayward Rorrick has been involved in community work for over 24 years. Rorrick first lived in Umbilo , and then moved to Glenwood.

She is known as the chairlady for Bulwer Safety and Urban Regeneration Forum (BSURF), however was recently elected as the Umbilo SAPS CPF chair. “I have been involved in community work for around 24 years or more, and I have come to meet and become friends with so many amazing people. I love my community and the residents and people that work here, and this is why I got involved in community work here. Working with BSURF was amazing, working with a very dedicated team of residents who are just as passionate about community work as I am,” said Rorrick.

Rorrick was voted as the new Umbilo SAPS Executive Community Police Forum Chair in November last year. “I was honoured and humbled to be voted by the community. This is indeed an honour as I have been told it is the first time a woman has held the position. I am even more grateful and honoured that the community have placed their trust and faith in me to hold such a position. I most certainly will work hard together with the other members, in order not to let the community down,” said Rorrick.

She said she knows that the amazing team of dedicated members she has on the BSURF team, will step in to help keep the BSURF running smoothly and continuing with the amazing work they do in the community. “I also have an amazing group of men and women that were voted onto the committee, so I know that as a team we going to all work well together.”

Rorrick works with four other directors in the community on a day to day basis on the BCIP, which has now changed over to the Glenwood Urban Improvement Precinct. “This is a community project currently supported by some businesses in the area, and we hoping by July to be granted the by the municipality to become fully operational as the Glenwood Business Urban Precinct.”

She said, all the work she does is centred on uplifting and making the community cleaner and safer for all who live,work and go to school or any other higher educational institution within the community.

“To be a chairperson on any group or organisation is a privilege and a great honour, as it shows that the people around you have noticed your hard work, commitment, dedication, ability and drive, and they have faith in you to sit as a chairperson.”

Every leader of the community has goals and Rorrick said, “My goals would be for the Umbilo SAPS Executive CPF Committee to work together with Umbilo SAPS station commander, Colonel Romer and his team in making a difference, both at station level and within the community.”

She said, however, there are some challenges. “My challenges will be working within a prominent male dominated working environment, and showing them I have the capability to be the CPF chair of Umbilo. My message to the community would be to please help the Umbilo SAPS Executive Community Police Forum, by getting more involved in what’s happening in your community, attend community meetings, support community functions and drives.”

Rorrick advised the community to assist the police to open cases when there is a crime, or even a possible crime committed. “No matter how big or small the incident may be, go report it to your police station. After all, a community that stands and fights together for their rights, will most certainly achieve far greater and more positive results. No matter how young or old you are, or who you are, or what strength you have, you can play an important role somehow in making a difference in your community,” Rorrick concluded.