South Coast shark enthusiast, Justin Coetzee finds thrill, in what would terrify most – fishing for sharks out on the coasts beautiful shorelines.

The Doonside resident has enjoyed living by the ocean all his life as it feeds his extraordinary passion of fishing for sharks as well as other aquatic jewels of the deep blue sea.
“I enjoy fishing but I really love sharks and intentionally go out looking for them. The challenge that comes with trying to pulli it out, the tough tackle itself is a thrill for me,” said Coetzee.

He told South Coast Weekly Gazette that once he manages to pull the shark out, he marvels at the magnificent creature.

“I have it measured, take pictures and then have it put back into the ocean, well and alive without any harm,” explained Coetzee.
He also does his research on seasonal fish so he has a good idea on what to expect to catch, such as big fish and sharks in the summer, as well as sardines and other smaller fish in the winter.
It may be a hobby many would shy away from, but for Coetzee it is a fun and fulfilling activity that he won’t be stopping any time soon.

“I do what I do purely for the love of it and the adrenaline I feel when I pull and tug at my rod as shark comes out of the water,” said Coetzee.