Club questions ‘preferential’ treatment


With the swimming season well underway, the Croftdene Swimming Club has been left in limbo, due to renovations being undertaken at their residential swimming pool, in Chatsworth.

The club has applied for a Memorandum of Understanding with Bayview and Croftdene, but to date have not received feedback. In a statement, the Croftdene Swimming Club Executive Committee said, “Despite Bayview being closed, however the resident club has access to this pool as they were training at the pool without a life guard on duty. Croftdene however, does not have the same access to our resident pool if a lifeguard is not on duty.”

The club questioned why Croftdene Swimming Club, was being denied the same privileges. “My question without any prejudice to any parties concerned is, how does Bayview have access to train and not Croftdene? Am I to assume that they are the preferential club to obtaining training access in the Chatsworth area? How can Bayview Swimming Club train without a lifeguard on duty but we are told that there is no life guard so we cannot obtain access?,” asked the club.

The matter has been taken up by the club to the KwaZulu-Natal Aquatics Association board. This following a demonstration highlighting the clubs plight over the lack of swimming facilities in preparation for the season and galas. “The winter season is over, we do not require a heated pool for training but due to all the upcoming galas which pool do we access? Our swimmers range from those that are physically challenged to those who are competitive. The swimmers across the board have been disadvantaged throughout winter as they have not had a facility to use. They have reconditioned and have lost a lot with all these odds against them,” the club said.

The season for the club started on 1 October, and they are yet to gain access to the swimming pool, even after hours. Their efforts were further hampered by the Croftdene pool closing for renovation “In my opinion this is not fair. We want fairness and equality for all. This issue has been addressed with the KZN Aquatics and the municipality pool superintendent. Our questions still remain unanswered,” the club said.

KZN Aquatics’ Calmin Petersen said they were under the impression that the swimming pool was in operation. Petersen said, “To our knowledge renovations at Croftdene Swimming Pool are complete and the pool is open and accessible to the club as per winter season operating times.”

Petersen however, said plans to intervene were being finalised. “KZN Aquatics is working to finalise summer MOUs with all relevant clubs, including Croftdene,” Petersen said. Comments from eThekwini Municipality was still forthcoming at the time of going to print.