A Clayfield couple were pistol-whipped and robbed after three suspects, two wielding firearms, stormed into their home on Saturday morning.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt Louise Naidoo, said, “At 5.30am, on Sandclay Place, the complainant and his wife were at home when three suspects forced themselves into the house by breaking the front door. Two were armed with firearms. They assaulted the couple with the firearms. The suspects ransacked the house and took plenty of jewellery, cellphones and a TV.

The suspects were captured on CCTV leaving in a silver Polo. No registration number was captured in the footage. The suspects are all believed to be in their mid 30s. The value of the jewellery stolen is estimated at R500, 000.

“Such brazen and violent behaviour from criminals. Our residents are enduring such merciless beatings at the hands of marauding suspects. They are infiltrating our homes and suburbs and unleashing their wrath on innocent beings whilst ransacking residences and fleeing with valuables or any item of value.

“We implore residents to be vigilant and join neighbourhood watches or the local CPF in a bid to work together to curb crime in our area. We need police to step up patrols as increased visibility can deter criminals from being so brazen,” said Phoenix CPF chairman, Umesh Singh.