Illegally dumped refuse is getting out of hand in Clairwood’s Sidar Road with rats breeding in the mass of trash that is left at the roadside.

Ward 32 councillor Sharmaine Sewshanker said that she received a complaint from Mr Naidoo, a business owner on Sirdar Road.

“He complained of an embarrassing stench and rodents breeding at the illegal dumping site. Illegal dumping is a huge problem in the city especially along areas bordering informal settlements as they do not adhere to the DSW pick up dates. We will be engaging with South Basin to roll out an educational and awareness programme with informal settlements in the Clairwood area in the next couple of weeks to ensure that the problem is minimised,” she added.
According to Clairwood business owner, Butler Naidoo, people from the nearby squatter camp are illegally dumping refuse on Sidar Road. “When its windy, rubbish blows into our yards and blocks our drains. The council is doing nothing about it,” he said.

Naidoo added that business in the area keep their premises clean.

eThekwini Municipality Acting Head of Communications Unit, Mandla Nsele, said that in some areas there was a service interruption when service vehicles were stoned. “Umlazi could not be serviced due to the hostile environment, with our staff held hostage in a Garden Refuse site at V Section and one of our trucks stoned on Tuesday, 12 June. We experienced the same problems in the Northern areas wherein 3 of our employees were injured on duty and our vehicles stoned. With the assistance of SAPS and Metro Police the municipality will be resuming the provision of waste collection in Umlazi. We plead with communities to cooperate with the city,” he said.

Illegal dumping has been an ongoing issue across the city. Nsele previously told The Weekly Gazette that residents would face hefty fines for illegal dumping. “Police patrols are sensitised to take action when members of the public are found to be dumping. Fines of R5 000 have been issued to offenders,” he said.

Nsele added that the city has implemented nine new by-laws that are aimed at dealing with various offences. “Among these by-laws is the Nuisances and Behaviour in Public Places By-law under which littering is prohibited,” he said.