Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital (MGMH) has once again been cast into the spotlight for yet another malpractice issue as community members complain about the long delays at the hospital which appears to be taking its toll on the infirm and elderly patients at the medical facility.

Plunged into saga after saga, MGMH has been called to task for not dispensing medical attention to the frail and ailing patients who have had to allegedly endure 24-hour waiting periods in queues and in the bitter cold.

Speaking to the Phoenix Tabloid, a Grove-end resident who wished to remain anonymous, said she was fraught with anxiety when her aged parents returned home after 24 hours as they had been waiting at the hospital for assistance and treatment.

“My 71-year-old dad accompanied my mum, 70, to the hospital. They were at the hospital at 4:30am and shockingly only returned at 3:30 am the next morning. I was highly distressed and called my parents countless times. I questioned them about the delay and my mum was highly agitated and refused to leave the hospital. She only required a letter but was subjected to countless tests whilst my dad waited for her,” the despondent resident said.

“I called the MGMH admin and enquired about the hectic delays. The response I received was curt and rude. I was told that there was a staff shortage and patients are being attended to as per procedure. I was also told that if a patient leaves the queue then they will not be treated,” added the irate resident.

The Grove-end mum said she was concerned about her parents and when she spoke to her mum, her mum was adamant that she will not leave her spot in the queue. “My mum appeared fearful and later I heard that the staff address the patients in almost a threatening manner hence they are afraid to leave the queue. Patients are afraid that they cannot return to the hospital for treatment in fear that they will be victimized,” said the concerned daughter.

She added that she applauds the organisations which hands out food to the waiting patients but said she cannot believe that the hospital could subject patients to such tedious delays.

“It is cold and these are elderly and sick people. This is inhumane treatment. There should be measures in place to assist and speed up treatment for the elderly. Those patients in the queues are shunted from pillar to post at the hospital and are forced to endure the traumatic delays. Something needs to be done to address this issue. We need to ensure that the aged and the infirm are treated in a more humane manner,” the resident added.

The Phoenix Tabloid attempted to attain comment from the management at MGMH but none was forthcoming at the time of going to print.